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Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Teaching Profile

The Institute plays a key role for scientific and teaching development of all kinds of production technology. It is, therefore, able to offer a very wide range of courses in engineering and provides wide education in the main fields of manufacturing technology and business. Most degree courses have very flexible structures and allow students to include subjects of special interest to them from the large selection available in the University. There are also many joint degrees available where department work together to train graduates who will be well equipped to face a rapidly changing job market. Bachelor degree (BEng) of Manufacturing Technology, Master´s degrees (MSc(Eng)) of Manufacturing Technology, Manufacturing Technology and Management in Industry, Production Technologies and Management in Industry (programmes organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Business and Management of BUT), and Doctoral degree (PhD) of Manufacturing Technology are available in full-time or part-time studies. These degrees from the Institute of Manufacturing Technology open the door to a large number of employment opportunities, and many courses lead directly to professional qualifications. Students are expected to develop their professional skills in the solution of process engineering operational and design problems and will carry out individual projects linked to an industrial development or design operation. To keep a link with the high-tech productions some excursions and stays are organised to the prestigious home and foreign institutes and companies.

Scientific Profile

The Institute of Manufacturing Technology has an international reputation for its research expertise across a broad range of activities. The Department has active research group working in all the main branches of design, manufacture, and mechanical engineering. A wide range of research activities is maintained, extending from fundamentals of machining to computer integrated manufacture and from metal materials to plastics and composite materials. These activities involve close collaboration with industrial and research organisations in all kinds of technologies such as cutting, forming, welding as well as with other departments in the University; in particular, close links are maintained with the Institute of Material Engineering and Faculty of Faculty of Business and Management. The most typical areas of interest and priorities of research carried out within the departments are: research of progressive production technologies on CAD/CAM/CIM/CAE, research of principles and material interactions in production technologies, analyses of workability, formability, weldability and castability of advanced materials, tool performance and its improvement on the base of PVD/CVD/MTCVD technologies, surface integrity of machined surfaces for high loading conditions and extreme demands, statistical analyses of production quality. Fundamental and applied research is supported with many successful research projects and grants from Ministry of Education and Sports, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Business, interanational grants such as TEMPUS, COST and projects funded by research and production companies home and abroad.

Department of Foundry Engineering

The department of Foundry Engineering, part of the Institute of Manufacturing Technology, is responsible of the EICF Investment Casting Manufacturing Technology Course curriculum and provides the direction and means for holding it

Details from the department of Foundry Engineering can be found in the below document 

BUT FME Foundry Department