Course Introduction by the EICF Chairman | Mr. Philippe Hoste EICF Investment Casting Manufacturing Technology Course Purpose & Object

Investment Casting Manufacturing Technology is in essence a mix of different manufacturing processes linked to produce a unique product solution satisfying the most demanding specifications and service requirements.

This unique combination of different manufacturing technology processes (each of them deserving a high degree of scientific knowledge on its own) provides an overall integrated understanding of the whole process and their different challenges to the professionals. This has particular relevance to accelerate the learning curve of recently incorporated engineering staff or key personnel from non technical areas such as might be Procurement, Finance or even Commercial.

It has been the EICF Board of Directors aspiration, to offer its members the possibility of an education course that could serve this expressed purpose. This need has been stressed lately by members at the light of the existing difficulties in incorporating new young talent to industry.

EICF is putting forward in 2024 this second edition of the IC Manufacturing Technology Course thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the Brno University of Technology through their Faculty of Mechanical Engineering together with experts from the Industry.

Appreciation from students of the first edition was really high. We have incorporated the experience gained and comments received to improve the proposal for this year. 

You may now do your booking registration in order to safeguard your seat as there are limited places. This web site provides all the information required.

Philippe Hoste, March 2024